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Art in Digital Space

Written by Ryan Jones

There has for the past few years been a debate amongst artists and video game developers brewing as to whether-or-not games are an art form. I strongly believe that they are, yet some do not.

There has, for the past few years, been a debate brewing amongst artists and video game developers about whether or not games are an art form. I strongly believe that they are, yet some do not.

One example of how games are becoming a new genre of art is The Unfinished Swan. The game follows the journey of a young boy whose mother has passed away and left him all of her paintings that she had created. However, the mother never finished any of her works.

Her favourite painting had always been that of a swan and following her death the boy is allowed to keep this one as his own. One day the boy awakens to find that the swan has left its canvas and is nowhere to be found. The boy enters the canvas and is transported to a new world where he must track down the creature with nothing more than paint.

The game begins in a white space. There is nothing to see until you start to splash black paint on the blank canvas to bring the world into focus. As you travel through the world, you can add shading, depth and eventually colour to the blank world as you track down your missing swan.

The game is one that all ages can enjoy and I would highly recommend both younger and older family members sit down together to experience the story the game offers. It packs emotion, depth, courage and ultimately it is a breath of fresh air in a market usually dedicated to violent shooters and sports games.

I sat down and recorded the first fifteen minutes of the game and have uploaded it for you to get a taste of it. The game is available for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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