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The Winds of Winter Delay

Written by Ryan Jones

One of the most successful and well loved series of books won’t be getting its next installment as soon as had been hoped. Acclaimed author George R. R. Martin announced on his blog that he hasn’t quite finished The Winds Of Winter just yet, but is still working on the next part of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Whilst this will be yet another disappointment for his dedicated followers it could put those who watch the HBO television series, Game of Thrones, on a level playing field. The first five seasons of the hit television series had been mostly based on the book series (with some differences) but with season six of the show due to begin in mid-April both book lovers and tv followers will be coming to plotlines that they both did not know about.

However, Martin has tried to ease those worried about this (including himself). He has said that both he and his publishers had “all wanted book six of A Song Of Ice And Fire to come out before season six of the HBO show aired” but that won’t be happening because “the writing did not go as fast or as well as I would have liked.”

He had set himself the aim of finishing the book by Halloween, but that obviously didn’t come to be, so he then set the aim – with his publishers – of having the work completed by New Year so that the book could then be published by March to avoid any spoilers coming from the show. Given how he has missed both of these deadlines, he has now said that it “will be done when it is done”.

But the possibility of spoilers coming from the show is not necessarily that great given how the show has diverted, changed or ignored completely some of the original source material. All that we can hope for now is that both the book and new series live up to their predecessors.

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